18 May 2009

erlIDE 0.6.1

A maintenance release.

Fixed issues:
322 Debugger - Keep debug context even if the process is killed (works in OTP debugger)
150 Show multiple nodes in debug tree when debugging is distributed
343 debugger - breakpoints - group on type gives Others (type unspecified)
360 runtimes - add default runtime after installation of erlide
361 crash when indenting region with c-i when text contains tab
363 macro completion not working
365 hover over non-folded comment shows popup
367 completion - better layout of documentation
369 command to reset scanner and parser caches
344 navigation - F3 goes wrong if call contains fun -> a/1.
plus some other minor bugs.


snaky said...

Hi Vlad!

We're trying to start using ErlIDE, but we've encountered a little problem. We need to set a specific path to a database for mnesia which requires passing command line arguments to erl (erl -mnesia dir 'path_to_db'). Is there a way to tell ErlIDE to use specific command line arguments when launching erl?

Vlad said...


What you can do is go to Preferences -> Erlang → Runtimes and create one (or duplicate the existin one) where in the "extra args" field you can enter "-mnesia dir 'path_to_db'" (without the outer quotes).

Then in the Launch configuration dialog, choose this new runtime.


Meiring said...

Hi Vlad!

I can't seem to add a runtime in erlide. I have 13B04 installed from source under /opt/erlang/, but I keep getting the "location is not a valid OTP home" error. What am I missing here?

Vlad said...


I suppose that the source tree isn't under /opt/erlang. You have to point to ~/otp_rsc_R13B04 (or whatever you have it).

Let me know if it works like that.