11 June 2009

erlIDE 0.6.3 supports R13B01

We discovered that R13B01 created some incompatibilities and this release fixes them. There is also an assortment of small bug fixes (but not many, this time).

Get it from http://erlide.org/update!


Richard Sentino said...

Hi Vlad,

Eclipse 3.5 just released. How soon we can get the erlIDE support for Galileo ?


Anonymous said...

Great job with ErlIDE !

I can't imagine my self working with VI.

I don't know if its a bug, but just in case:

When I use Erlang Console and I do ls(). twice, when scrolling start the full Erlang console panel start to blink until all files in my current directory are showed.

I would like to have a ctrl + shift + f also :)


Vlad said...

@Richard: I'm back from vacation, so very soon now. Actually, it should already work (I did use early releases myself), what is the problem you encountered?

Vlad said...

@Anonymous: yes, it's a known bug that the console does that (and it also becomes slower and slower as there is more output).

Formatting code is also an existing work item.

Thanks for the report and the appreciation!

Richard Sentino said...

Hi Vlad,


I'm using the older release for the past few months and just recently installed the Eclipse 3.5 . I hadn't had the time to pickup the latest erlIDE release on Eclipse 3.5. I'll give it a spin within this week and see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

would be nice if it would support opening erlang source files, instead of throwing null pointer exceptions.
No, sorry but I stay with distel...

Vlad said...

@Anonymous: If you get exceptions, something is improperly configurated, but I can't tell without knowing more details. It works for at least 100 people in their daily work...

A proper problem report would have helped. Whining unfortunately doesn't...

Remo said...

Man You're doing a great, great job. Keep on please.